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  Gayle Moher is The British Jewel

Pro Bodybuilder Gayle Moher stars in this fun and action-packed video of muscle worship and fantasy wrestling. Gayle is in Tampa on tour and he client is waiting for her in the room. She walks in in her sexy black skin-tight dress and 5" heels to her client's amazement. He loves Muscle Women and Gayle flaunts all she's got right in front of him. He is in "Muscle Heaven" . Gayle shows off her biceps, her veiny, ripped quads, calves, back and then some. She then stips down to her bikini and continues to be worshipped. There is some arm wrestling exchange between the two and then Gayle pulls her client to the bedroom for the real action!

Throwing her client on the bed, and he is 6"4", so she knows how to use her muscular physique to her advantage. Gayle pounces on him and starts to thrash him around in all kinds of wrestling holds, laughing and toying with him the entire time. Head locks, body scissors, figure-fours, fface-sitting, front and rear head scissors, arm bars, just to mention a few. Gayle takes her top off and then does some titty-slapping and body rubbing to add to the excitement!

Winding up the video is some trampling and belly slapping. Then Gayle rides her client out the room to bid him adieu.

(39 minutes - 430 megs)

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